A Program of

Most parents share a universal hope for the health and happiness of their children, and your wish list beyond these basics probably includes some version of the following:

  • You want your children to cultivate what’s best in themselves;
  • You hope they contribute to the world in a meaningful way;
  • You hope they live their lives with compassion toward others; and
  • You want them to empower them with the belief that their efforts will make a difference.

With so much emphasis today on entitlement and materialism, these goals have never been more important.

Doing Good Together offers many simple, service-minded ideas to help you nurture a sense of compassion in your children. But research tells us we can do more.

We don’t have to wait for our next volunteer opportunity.

By parenting with purpose and mindfully, including certain small activities in your family’s everyday routines, you can teach your children kindness, empathy and compassion.

You can empower and inspire them for a lifetime of kindness.

Described here are dozens of strategies for instilling a sense of caring in your children. Because they are woven into daily life, they will be a source of everyday joy and comfort for your family.

They will become rituals.

And because they are fun and effortless, you can start them right now.