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Have fun & Do Good with Dozens of Service Projects!

Starting – and sustaining – your family’s kindness practice has never been easier. We offer dozens of activity ideas to start a habit of kindness with your family.

Many of these projects have been tested by Doing Good Together families for ten years. Some are brand new ideas from the Big-Hearted Families team.

Practice Kindness: Pick a project and volunteer with your family

Each project contains:

  • A detailed list of supplies you may need

  • Instructions

  • Reflection questions to get your family talking

  • Suggested resources for a variety of age groups

  • Inspiration for taking your project a step further

In addition, you’ll find space to share your own experience, rate the projects, and suggest modifications.

Join the conversation! By adding your voice to our projects, your experiences will inspire and inform other families. By learning from one another and getting more families involved, we can make a huge impact on the world around us.

Come back often. We add new projects monthly!

Select a category and start searching!

Service Projects

¨       Provide Comfort
¨       Heal the Earth
¨       Care for Animals
¨       Fight Poverty
¨       Advocate: Peace, Justice + Social Action
¨       Donate: Charitable Giving + Fun Fundraisers
¨       Adopt Holiday Traditions
¨       Share Quick Acts of Kindness

Teaching Kindness Activities

¨       Kindness Conversations
¨       Feelings 101
¨       Creative for a Cause
¨       Back to Nature
¨       Teaching Tolerance
¨       Mindful Parenting


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¨       Low
¨       Mid*
¨      High*

*Cost can vary greatly on some projects depending on the way you approach them. Consider asking friends and neighbors to “sponsor” your effort if you get excited about a project that may be out of your price range. You might end up with a big-hearted community at your side!


¨       All
¨       2+
¨       6+
¨       10+